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      Overview :

  • The modular mini PLC system for the low and mid-performance ranges
  • With comprehensive range of modules for optimum adaptation to the automation task
  • Flexible use through simple implementation of distributed structures and versatile networking
  • User-friendly handling and uncomplicated design without a fan
  • Can be expanded without problems when the tasks increase
  • Powerful thanks to a range of integrated functions
  • Application :

    • Special machinery
    • Textile machines
    • Packaging machinery
    • General mechanical equipment manufacture
    • Controller building
    • Machine tool manufacture
    • Installation systems
    • Electrical/electronics industry and the skilled trades
    • Design :

    • A CPU
    • Signal modules (SMs) for digital and analog inputs/outputs
    • Communications processors (CPs) for bus connection and point-to-point connections.
    • Function modules (FMs) for high-speed counting, positioning (open-loop/closed-loop) and PID control.
    • Load current supplies (PS) for the connection of SIMATIC S7-300 to a 120/230 V AC supply voltage.
    • Interface modules (IMs) for connecting the central controller (CC) and expansion units (EUs) in multi-tier configurations
    • SIPLUS modules for extended environmental condition
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